Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Duck Hole Dam Posted by Picasa

This is the Dam at Duck Hole which will soon be no more unless it is repaired. I urge anyone wishing to preserve the loon and other wildlife habatant at Duck Hole to contact the DEC in writing and express a wish that it be preserved.

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At November 17, 2005 5:18 AM, Blogger SamV said...

There has to be a more compelling case for saving Duck Hole than to preserve loon habitat. Because loons thrive all over the Adirondacks.

I haven't made up my mind, yet, on where I stand on the issue.

I have spent a few nights at Duck Hole and it is a beautiful spot.

I have spent the same number of nights at Flowed Lands which probably looks alot like what Duck Hole will look like without a damn repair and it is one of my favorite places in the High Peaks- aside from the pressure from fellow hikers and backpackers.

All over the Adirondacks you can find places where the forest is fighting back the "civilization" that was developed around the rape of the land for the timber. In many places, unless you are aware of the natural history of the land and keen at observing signs you don't even know it.

When the dam fails at Duck Hole the forest will take back what was rightfully its own over time and the children of future generations will get to see an approximation of what it was supposed to be like to begin with, which, sadly, I will never be able to experience.

So, having spewed, I guess what I'm saying is let the dam go, the loons and the other animals specific to that area will do just fine by shuffling on.


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